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        The first-stage project of Indonesia 5000 tons of berths piling driving construction completed successfully.


        On May 3, 2017, the piling work of 1-2 #5,000-ton berths in the first phase of Sulawesi Bulk Port in the southeast of Indonesiaowned by Jiangsu Delong Nickel Co., Ltd. has been completed successfully.

        This project is located in the Morasi Town,Kendari City, Sulawesi Island in the southeast of  Indonesia. Our company is responsible forconstruction a total of two 5,000-ton berths, one 20,000-ton berth (hydraulicstructure designed with 50,000-ton capacity), and one 930-meter long breakwater.The terminal structure is of high-piled beam-slab structure, and the breakwateris a riprap slope structure. The contract amount of the first phase is 107million Yuan, for which our company is the EPC contractor responsible for the survey,design and construction.

        At present, the survey in the first phase hasbeen completed, and the 5,000-ton berth and breakwater construction drawingshave been completed; the piling work of 5,000- ton berth has been completed.The survey in the second phase has been started, and the design of 20,000-ton terminalis basically completed.

        This project is the first overseas projectof our company. The successful completion of the pile foundation of 5,000-tonberth means that our company is fully qualified for the overseas EPC projects,and lays a solid foundation for the future construction of internationalprojects. It opened a new era for Zhongcheng International to expand overseas market.

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          Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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